Wrongful Termination – Things to Know

What is a wrongful termination? This happens when one is terminated from employment illegally or the process involves going against the company’s policies. If you are in this kind of situation, you should hire a Las Vegas Business Litigation Attorney to be there for you. He can advise you of the best way to redress your situation.

But if you have signed a bargaining agreement, there is really nothing you can do as this means that the employer nor the employee needs a valid reason to terminate the employment. But still, you will be in better hands if you have someone knowledgeable beside you like an employment lawyer. He knows the laws surrounding wrongful termination and he knows what you need to do to soften the blow or if you have a case against your employer.

Below are reasons for wrongful termination:

  • Breach of contract
  • Constructive discharge
  • Discrimination
  • An employee instructed to commit an illegal act
  • Violation of company policy
  • Public policy violated
  • Whistleblowing

Actually, there are no particular laws that are made solely for the purpose of protecting employees that ate wrongfully terminated. But this does not mean that you have no hope for this as with a good lawyer by your side, he can find a way for you to go through this. Besides, this is covered by the federal laws that prohibit discrimination. If you are on your own, this can be hard to discern. That is why it is always best to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Even if you are still in a good situation right now, it is still best to know a lawyer that can help you the moment you will be in trouble because of wrongful termination. If that is yet the time you will look for one, you will just end up with someone who might not be skilled enough to defend you.