Marking Cards – What You Need To Know

Players use advanced software such as HUD, poker tracking software and table rankings to see how you played and what your style is. In addition to using such software, online gamblers also collude with their friends by exchanging hand histories and poker hands through instant messaging and other means.

The holiday season is approaching; casinos and bars will be filled with people playing Teen Patti, rummy and other card games, and if you also plan on playing this game this time, don’t hesitate whatever the game does, you will definitely win. You must be thinking how can I assure you? Well, you will definitely win if you play the spy cheat card. It doesn’t matter who you play with, the champion of this game or anyone else, in the end you only get the game.

You can win all card games or poker games using Hidden Lens for Playing Cards, Sooth Sayer Playing Cards, Trap Poker Contact Lens, Hidden Lens on Your Phone, Playing Cards and Marked Card.

Hidden Lens for Playing Cards: Hidden lens works with a camera that can scan the hidden code of playing cards and transmit information to the smooth reader in the range of 30-50cm. Each letter has a mark on the back; these marks can be identified with these lenses. The lenses are designed with special advanced technology using real luminous signs. With hidden earbuds (earbuds), you will receive information automatically.

Sooth Sayer playing cards are a machine that communicates the code and suit of each card in a fraction of the time, this will help the user to find out the code, and in accordance with it he will be able to play the game to be able to win. Spy playing card in India is available online.

Poker Trick Contact Lenses / Perspective Lenses: The contact lenses are specially used in the poker game, they help the user during the game, and the user can see the playing card number through it. These lenses are similar to regular lenses do not affect the retina, pupil or any other part of the eye.

Hidden lens in a cell phone: It has the same function as the intended lens, but the difference is that these lenses are not used but are built into the cell phone.

Card Cheating – These marked cards are used in the game of poker. These are special cards with coding, using the intended lens. You have to buy these cards separately; Spy playing cards are available in retail stores at a reasonable price.

Marked cards: with the help of special lenses or perhaps glasses for marking cards with invisible ink, the user can see the features of the elements, their number and suit before receiving.

The poker site cannot personally control every player, table or hand and therefore they have developed and implemented short algorithms to detect what they consider to be fraudulent behavior. These algorithms, if they catch you as a scammer, will work and make you lose.