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Story line

The movie Forensic was directed by Akhil Paul and Anas Khan under the production of Siju Mathew. The movie is about investigating an unsolved case by a normal person.

Coming to the story two murders have occurred in the Trivandrum of two little girls in quick time. ACP officer Rithika Xavier suspects a serial killer and wants to give the case to the forensic team, but she finds unsafe and handovers the case to her husband’s younger brother Samuel John Kattookkaaran where he handles the case with care and gets some clues and says that clues to the ACP officer. Firstly Samuel John says one clue about the case but Rithvika doesn’t believe, but he shows evidence of that clue then she believes. DNA test will be tested by the doctor to know what happened in the case. To know more about the movie watch the movie.

Artists Performance

Actor Samuel John has given his best action in the role of investigating officer. And you are able to watch how an investigation officer will investigate the case in the role of Samuel John.Mamatha Mohandas acted very well in the role of ACP officer. You can see the cast in different characters and also how they performed according to the given roles in the movie.

Technical Aspects

The locations selected are good and suited to the given conditions of the movie. You can also see how locations have been used by the director for the perfect shots to make the movie look attractive. BDM has been attractive to get the movie in a good version so that movie can get good success. Cinematography is ok.


  1. The movie ‘Forensic’ has the mystery story where a case will be handled and will be solved with a lot of problems faced.
  1. The Cast has been selected well and the cast has also supported the director well for the success of the movie.
  1. Music has been composed very well by the music director Bejoy where songs got hit.

Cast and crew

Actor: Tovino Thomas

Actress: Mamtha Mohandas

Other characters: SaijuKurup, PrathapPothan

Director: Akhil Paul and Anas Khan

Producer: NavisXaviour, Siju Mathew

Music director: Jakes Bejoy

Release date:  28th February 2020


The movie ‘Forensic’ is a mystery thriller and you can get the best movie when you visualize it. You can get interested as the movie goes on and the investigating method has been brilliant to investigate the case and get the case solved. You can also enjoy the best ever chemistry between ACP officer Rithvika and Samuel John. You check latest telugu movies online in aha platform