The web hosting service: a boon or bane

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that permits organizations to put their website on the Internet. A web hosting service is a business that provides the website or webpage the technologies needed to view on the Internet.

Types of web hosting services –

Shared hosting – 

A shared hosting is where all the domains share the same resources like RAM (Random access memory) and CPU (Central Processing Unit), which makes the shared hosting more affordable.

Virtual private server hosting – 

The VPS hosting plan is between the shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. VPS hosting is for those users who want the dedicated server hosting without knowing the technology. It has dual features like control of the dedicated server and the cost of a shared server.

Dedicated service hosting – 

These are one of the most expensive web hosting options. These are used by the owners whose websites have high traffic on their sites and want complete control of the server. It’s more like a private server that is customizable by the user. But owners of smaller sites may use cheap dedicated servers, as it’d be more cost-effective.

Cloud Hosting – 

It is the latest web hosting service. Cloud hosting is a process where many computers work together, run the applications, and use a combined calculation process. It is the most reliable and upgradable web hosting service. 

Managed hosting – 

Most of the hosting packages found online are manageable. Hosting services offer technical services like software and hardware setup, and technical support, maintenance, configuration, updating, patching, and monitoring. The managed hosting is essential to look after the management of operating systems and all.

Colocation – 

At a lower cost, the colocation gives access to higher levels of bandwidth. It is the most expensive hosting option, and it provides the most access to hardware and software.


The owner of a website or organization should know the features of the types of preferred web hosting services before buying it according to the budget and needs of the company. 

The web hosting services not only increase the business of these companies and organizations but also widen the ambit of their company. Hence, web hosting services are boon for websites, companies, and entrepreneurs as they get the opportunity to convey their services and ideas to the public.