The CEO’s Guide For Developing Emerging Leaders


When it comes to leadership, one of the most common questions is if leaders are born or made. Is being a great leader developed or do people have to be genetically blessed to do so? For the longest time, it has been debated over seminars, classes, and business forums.

Many leaders do use their inherent traits. Such traits have either been developed because of the environment they are in or they simply possess them. Many have met and were able to work with people who are naturally influential, charismatic, and can guide and inspire others through their presence and demeanour.

But does that mean leading is an innate skill that must be born with? The answer is no. According to the study conducted by Science Daily, leadership is 30% genetic and 70% learned. It means leadership is a skill that can be developed and learned. The question is how?

Leadership skills can be obtained in multiple ways but the most effective one is attending courses for leadership and management. Such leadership training benefits not only individuals but also the company or organization they are working in.

Furthermore, a leadership course is significant for the long-term success of organizations as this can enable them to build a high-performing team, leverage employees’ expertise, and nurture agile leaders who can skillfully lead through change and drive performance. 

Many companies have a common practice to implement internal leadership training to help their employees achieve and acquire various leadership skills. Others work with an external provider to help meet the specific needs of an organization.

Aside from such solutions, there are other ways to help companies further develop the emerging leaders in their team and these are the following:

  • Learn to recognise potential
  • Provide opportunities for leadership development
  • Monitor, measure, reward
  • Support through coaching
  • Instill leadership qualities

In this infographic from Corporate Learning Solutions, you can learn more about the CEO’s guide for developing further emerging leaders.