Ordering Through Uber Eats During Pandemic 2020

With the worldwide pandemic 2020 going on, there’s a strict lockdown in Dubai. Every attraction center is closed, educational institutions are closed, and restaurants are also closed. People are staying at their homes; many people are working for home while the doctors are busy at the front line trying to save lives. Since many of you sitting at home, you must be craving for some amazing food, sadly you can’t go out to get your favorite food, and this is where Uber Eats comes to your rescue. Uber Eats will get your favorite food from your favorite restaurant and will deliver it to you right at your doorstep. With the help of Uber Eats promo code Dubai you can save dome amount too.

Riders Following Safety Measures

COVID can spread through humans and that too rapidly. You might think twice before ordering food, don’t worry the Uber Eats have taken things under their control. The strict policies have ensured that all their riders are first kept in quarantine for 14 days and then sent out for their deliveries. They make sure they’re wearing masks and gloves and ensure the usage of sanitizer. Their bikes and delivery bags are disinfected daily so that the infection isn’t transferred to their consumers. With this safety, you can order in the food and also use Uber Eats promo code Dubai to get a discount.

What Safety Measures You Can Take

As much as the Uber Eats and their drivers are taking all the safety precautions, it’s time for you to take some precautions too. As soon as the driver arrives at your doorstep, the first thing to do is keep a small table or a chair outside your gate and ask the driver to keep the bags on it. Make sure you are also wearing masks and gloves. Handover the amount to your rider and then spray some disinfecting sprays on the bags and leave it for one minute. After the time is up, bring in the boxes in your house and quickly take out all the food in your home cutlery and discard the boxes, reheat the food to kill all the germs on it. Uber Eats promo code Dubai will allow you to have great discounts hence you will be tempted to order in more, just follow these safety precautions and you will be safe.

Saving Amount

Uber Eats promo code Dubai will help you in saving a lot of amounts. With families staying at home all the time, they usually get bored and demand to eat something new. With dine-in facilities closed, their cravings may go haywire and you have to make a trip to grocery stores to make things of their likings. However you will be astonished to see the prices of certain ingredients very high and that too for one-time use only, isn’t it better to order in through Uber Eats instead and using promo code to save further amount.

Contactless Delivery Options

The fear of COVID might keep you away from ordering using Uber Eats promo code Dubai. What if you follow all the steps yet the cash you carry or the change the rider carries might have some infection on it? This is where the contactless payment option comes in handy. You can pay through Uber Eats gift card or credit and debit card.