Get Inspired with These Cool-girl Hairstyles and Enhance Your Personality for Every Event 

Just like choosing particular clothes and accessories for different occasions, there is a need to select different hairstyles. On Instagram, you will find plenty of cool-girl hairstyles, which suit occasions ranging from work to weddings to dates. Choosing a local hairdresser is an easy way to get ready for occasions. Bleen is an online Australian directory committed to connecting local small businesses with local customers. 

Every woman appreciates cool hairstyles even if they are unable to execute themselves. It is a feeling that only fashion girls have sophisticated taste in hairstyles, but there are some cool-girl hairstyles you can recreate on yourself.


Mornings include a long to-do list and little amount for beauty routine. This doesn’t mean you need to look boring. For work, you can choose a little sophisticated style and save beachy waves for weekends.

  • Slick-back low bun. 
  • Ponytail with a little twist
  • Topknot for long hair
  • Half braid
  • Messy bun
  • Wavy bob


Nothing goes wrong if you wore the hair down with some tresses waving around. The hairstyle looks effortless, but executing it for the occasion involves plenty of effort.

  • Night out curls
  • Braided pony
  • Twisted loose buns
  • Boho pull-part braids


A wedding hairstyle does not need to be prom-worthy. You can talk it out with your favorite hairdresser before the event. Choose a hairstyle that resonates with your nature and personality. Look like yourself yet try something special like –

  • Classic low chignon
  • Vintage style curls
  • Long, smooth curls
  • Braided barrette
  • Sleek topknot with back braid 
  • Loose waves with a flower crown 

Birthday party

The birthday girls need to have fun and try something new. Use the hair accessories with your style. 

  • Fishtail crown braid
  • Bombshell curls
  • Dutch braid low ponytail
  • Crisscross braid crown
  • Ones-sided braid

Family gatherings

Choose something refined that reveals your personality for family gatherings. 

  • Side-swept double braids
  • Sleek high pony
  • Waves for short hair
  • Messy bun
  • Big curls & sexy waves


Workout doesn’t mean you cannot look cute. During workouts, you need to keep the tresses out of way, so go for a slick-back high ponytail or tight braids. However, there are several aspects to consider like hair thickness, workout intensity, and styling skills. 

Never use heavy styling products or stiff hair ties as they can damage your hair. Use cotton scarves and headbands to absorb the sweat as well as maintain hairstyle. These styles will not budge during workouts. 

  • Pigtails
  • Topknots
  • Double buns
  • Cornrows
  • Side ponytail braid

Music festivals

At music festivals, anything will be fine but ensure to choose a better style including hair accessories or jewelry to have more fun. From fun hair accessories to bright hair colors there are no limitations to try. Include hair clips, rhinestone sparkles, headscarf, headband, emoji, loose gems, hair chains, and more. 

  • Party curls
  • Wavy pony
  • Tousled updo
  • Sleek low pony
  • Glamour waves

Hair reflects your personality, so focus on it along with your face and physique. If you ignore hairstyling then you are missing the chance to improve your overall personality and beauty. Call the local barbers shop to book an appointment