Dota Underlords: New features

Difference between Auto Chess and Dota Underlords

Dota 2 Auto Chess is a pretty balanced game, but Valve decided to fix some flaws and decided to slightly change the balance in some tribes (in Auto Chess Tribes are called as Races and Classes). But did they succeeded in it? And which tribes are best for Underlord boosting? Let’s look closely.

Underlords: New idea of Itemization

In Dota Underlords were added brand new items system: After killing a creep round, you will have to choose one item from three (four) as a reward. But if you will fail in defeating the creeps two of these items will become unacceptable. This is a precious change that positively highlighting the Dota Underlords from all other Auto-Chess games.

Dota Underlords items

In one hero you could place only one item, and that means that you will never face more unstoppable monsters like Troll Warlord with 3 Masks of Madness, Black King Bar and Daedalus. Now you are forced to distribute all your items across your units to gain the most from the in-game situation. But do not worry, you could freely swap items between heroes, so do not struggle too much, be open-minded.

And due to the new system, Dota Underlords has not combination items also know as upgrades. You still can get Refresher of BKB and many other interesting items, but they are just high tier rewards for high rounds with creeps.

Global Items

Dota Underlords Global Items

There is one more thing that is awesome – global items, that will affect your gameplay the most. They providing buffs for the whole army, but in most cases, they depend on a tribe:

  • Elusive Targets – All elusive (elf) units are invisible during the first three seconds of the round.
  • Unstable reactor – All mechanical units blow up upon the death, dealing 20% of their max HP in the range of 1 cell around them.
  • Unleashed Demons – Demon hunters receive an additional 30% of pure damage for each unique demon in your army.
  • Final Flash – If mages have 30% HP or less all their cooldowns are reset and they gain 100 mana.

Sound pretty neat, but most of these global abilities will be nerfed on the release, otherwise, they are looking too imbalanced.

Underlords: New tribes and bonuses

There are no new tribes in Dota Underlords, but you still can be sure that Valve will add a ton of them in the nearest future. The success of this game is obvious and I am sure that Gaben will enhance this game a lot.

Dota Underlords high tier rewards

But the old ones were slightly reworked:

  • Ogres were replaced with Blood-Bound – when one of the Blood-Bound units dies all others gain +100% attack damage.
  • Dwarfs were replaced with the Deadeye – Deadeye units focusing low-health enemies.
  • Druids were reworked in Dota Underlords, now when you gain 2-druid buff one of your lowest star druids gain an additional star. 4-druid – two lowest star druids gain additional stars.
  • Hunters now have a chance to deal additional two attacks to the target that piercing evasion.
  • Knights damage reduction aura is now buffing each other and that means that you need to stack this tribe.