Delicacies Tourist Enjoy With Los Angeles Food Tours

In Los Angeles, there are multiple hotels, restaurants and food trucks. Tourists from around the world have Los Angeles on their bucket list. There are many top classes sightseeing sites and fine dining restaurants that offer modern gastronomic experience. Even food trucks are not left behind, they offer top notch dishes. 

Foodies can join one of the Los Angeles Food Tours to taste the delicacies made locally and served with variety of dishes.

French dip sandwich

It includes a French roll having a thin slice of roast beef kept over it. Usually, served with beef juice, Swiss cheese, and onions. 

Mediterranean gem salad

Surprisingly, few people will experiment with salad at a new place. Surprisingly, Mediterranean gem salad is a must try because it includes crunchy kale and radicchio mixed with blue cheese, chicken, dates, and hazel nuts. 

Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwich is the best dessert, which includes two crust or biscuits with ice-cream stuffed in between. The cookies and ice creams are of different flavors. 


A French sweet confectionary dish. It is made from egg white, granulated sugar, icing sugar, food colors, and ground almond. It is served with butter cream or jam filled between couple of cookies. 

Sweet potato tacos

Majority of food trucks in LA serve tacos. You will see a list of taco varieties but sweet potato taco is best. It includes a filling of feta cheese, roasted sweet potato, almond Chile, fried corn, and scallions. 

Wood fired pizzeria

Pizzeria is better that pizza you find all around the world. The regular pizza taste is increase in wood chamber. 

Hollenbeck Burrito

Seared pork meat is simmered in red tomato sauce, beans and guacamole. Burrito is served with rice and chili Verde sauce. 

Crispy rice cookie treat

Everyone loves cookies but they taste different across the world. Crispy rice cookie treat includes rice, flour, marshmallows, and sugar. Butter and golden syrup is melted and the ingredients are included and stirred. Then this mixture is poured in a baking tray and baked in a pre-heated oven at 350 F.