Avoid paying the asshole Tax at a Gentlemens club

Ever heard of stripper tax? Or what strippers will tax you for being an asshole. If you are not a model strip club patron, you will get less for what you pay for. Don’t be a jerk in a gentlemens club. Yes, the dancers make a living by taking their clothes off, they are still people. They could be someone’s daughter, mother, sister or friend and as such they deserve some respect. The dancer has emotions, she goes through good and bad days you don’t want to foul up her mood and mess with her work. Good behaviour goes a long way to getting you better service.

Bad behaviour doesn’t just diminish the quality of service or performance you are likely to get, it brings you to the attention of security or bouncers. These guys are enforcers, once they are on you, you are gone and in most cases, this isn’t a pleasant experience.

Here are some of the reasons this could happen to you: 

Making rude and disrespectful comments to the dancers 

Cocky Behaviour- nobody likes a smart-alec maybe your mates tolerate your haughty, know-It all attitude, the dancers might find you very annoying. 

Bad breath: if you are going to get up close and personal with the ladies, some oral hygiene is necessary. You may have had a couple of drink, the smell of garlic and onions lingering in your mouth. Pop a mint. There is nothing as off-putting as trying to give a lap dance to someone whose mouth smells like something died in it. 

Body Odor – This goes along with bad breath. Generally speaking, as much as the ladies work hard to impress, so should you. At least try a splash of cologne or take a minute to get under the shower to wash off the days sweat before heading out to a gentlemens club or a strip club. 

Never ask for sex. This is a big no-no. A gentlemans club is not a brothel. If you are going to be that perv who solicits sex, you might just run into a pro who will string you along, until your wallet dries up. 

Don’t touch. Some might use the words: “no inappropriate touching” because it sounds polite but seriously KEEP YOUR GRUBBY HANDS TO YOUR SELF. There are boundaries you just can’t cross and putting your hands on someone’s body without an explicit invitation is just not done. 

Refrain from asking stupid questions. Sure, some small talk may lighten the mood but juvenile questions and quips are not for men who go to gentlemans clubs. 

Do not criticize her looks. You may have your own special preferences. Some guys like blondes, others like petite women and other people like buxom ladies. You cannot pick and choose whatever you like. Try to find at least one thing you enjoy until you find that one lady who ticks all the boxes for you. 

The bottom line is that you will get more enjoyment if you are nice and respectful that if you are a bad-mannered, foul-smelling person with pervy tendencies.