5 Best Swing Tourism in Bali, Suitable for Adrenaline Junkies

Having a holiday to Bali will feel monotonous if you decide to only play in the coastal location. Bali offers a lot of awe-inspiring tourist attractions. Beginning from natural tourism from the areas to water conservation. Were you aware that Bali also contains lots of swing places that are not as exciting as games in general? This game swing put at a particular height can make your heartbeat as you’ll be swinging publicly. But calm down, security is still the priority in this game. Well, for all those of you who like challenges and happen to be on vacation in Bali, you should try this swing with fantastic views. Here are five swings with the best views in Bali that can’t be missed!

  1. Bali Swing

Bali Swing has become the most exclusive swing particular spot in Bali. With the various swing tour packages provided, you may select which one suits your budget. About the Bali Swing, there are several spots to choose from. But don’t worry, all the places are just as excellent! The expense to delight in the adventure of swinging at this elevation ranges from IDR150,000 to IDR250,000 per individual. There are also several swing packages for IDR650,000 when added with shuttle facilities. According to most tourists who have seen the Bali Swing, the price provided is very worth it. Because besides obtaining a thrilling swinging sensation, you may even enjoy Bali’s natural feeling in another way.

  1. Wanagiri Hidden Hill

If you have already been around Wanagiri Hidden Hill, you may agree that this location is one of the most fantastic spots to take pictures. Not only because of the gorgeous and beautiful scenery but also the presence of various unique and quirky photo spots that may make your Instagram feed seem aesthetically pleasing. One benefit which makes Wanagiri Hidden Hill always a favorite place is the existence of its swing. In this post, you will enjoy a variety of different swing facilities. There’s a swing that’s shaped just like a cocoon, a butterfly. With an exceptionally charming view of Buleleng, it’s not an exaggeration to believe that the adventure of swinging at Wanagiri Hidden Hill will be memorable.

  1. Tegalalang Rice Fields

Tegalalang Rice Fields in Ubud are already famous for their beautiful terraces. Anyone will not be bored when studying the rice fields at Tegalalang. However, if you are bored with older techniques like taking a walk around the rice fields to enjoy the view, it is possible to try a swing in this place. Aside from the swing, it is also possible to enjoy some other facilities like restaurants and coffee gardens. That is not as enjoyable to be utilized as a place to unwind with friends or family.

  1. Resto D’alas

D’alas cuisine is a restaurant that sells Indonesian specialties like satay, mixed soup, rice, and a lot more. Located in Ubud, this restaurant also becomes a fascinating swinging spot. Using views of the rice fields as beautiful as Tegalalang, you can delight in the feeling of enjoying a memorable swing. Before playing the swing, don’t forget to share in eating the food sold at Resto D’alas.

  1. Bali Chocolate Factory Karangasem Swing

In this place, you cannot only enjoy a variety of varieties of meals and beverages made out of chocolate or cherry. However, you can also delight like Jasri Beach that’s still fresh and soothing to the eyes. Playing a swing with a view of the shore while drinking cocoa is something you might get when visiting here.

Those are just five swing tours that you must-try while in Bali. Be sure that you always comply with the rules and put safety first when seeking to swing at these areas and revel in an unforgettable adrenaline-pumping adventure during your vacation in Bali. Before you go to Bali, find out more about Bali and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.