The Designer Kurtas You Need In Your Wardrobe Before The Festive Season

Kurtas have long served as the foundation of every Indian girl’s wardrobe, and there is no better time than the present to make use of this essential. Have a hankering for some retail therapy? Obtain some of the best products that the nation’s designers have to offer. Naturally, now is the best time to do so as the holiday season is rapidly approaching. To look stunning during these celebrations, you definitely need some great, fashionable yet traditional attire, like the designer kurtas. There are many suggestions listed below that you can definitely try.

  • Pastel colored lace kurta — Are you among the girls who prefer to dress simply and stylishly throughout the day? Even if you choose not to wear well-known, branded clothing, you can still look very fashionable. Ladies, the boring girl next door look is no longer in style. You will look extremely stylish and comfortable in straight net designer kurtas in light pastel colors. Choose the lace detailing at the ends of the garment, which ups the kurta’s style factor.
  • Flamed colored flared kurta — The eagerly anticipated holiday season is right around the corner, and boy, are we restless! At the festivals, you want to look absolutely stunning. Because holidays and photos! You should get a fresh DP every festival, without a doubt. For such events, flamed colored flared designer kurtas are ideal. The color scheme of red, orange, and magenta is ideal for festivals. They make you appear as animated as the festivities taking place all around you. 
  • Angrakha kurtas — In the 1970s, Angrakha was widely used by Indian musicians. Tassels, beads, pompoms, and any other accessory you choose to add are used to decorate this dress, which overlaps from side to side. An excellent way to wear a Kurti and enjoy the traditional appearance at a party is with an Angrakha Kurti. Many Bollywood stars adore this Kurti for the stylish and feminine look it inspires, and it does not discriminate against age in any way. Additionally to palazzos and skirts, this kurti looks great with leggings. Be sure to include head chains and dangling earrings. This Kurti looks lovely whether it is short, calf-length, or knee-length. However, avoid wearing them with stockings or jackets as it will ruin the look as a whole.
  • Dhoti style kurtas — Almost every Indian outfit has a dhoti variation. The dhoti Kurti, as well as the dhoti pants, saree, dress, and gown. Many Indian women now choose to dress in the current fashion. One of them, the dhoti Kurti, does not let down. Its popularity has grown as a result of how cosy, loose, and fashionable it appears. You look incredibly stylish thanks to the creative patterns on the bodice and arm hems, which fall off perfectly from the waist down. At the hem, they have high lows or an asymmetrical cowl cut design. Both domestically and abroad, this kurta has become a designer favourite. If your body type is pear or round, wear the dhoti Kurti with leggings instead. Dress in a dhoti Kurti, stud earrings, and heels for a festive party to get all the right looks.