New Technologies On Aviation Training

For some pilots finding the time to regularly maintain the proper training, due to the vast abundance of knowledge and regulations they are required to keep up with. Thankfully the great folks over at Advanced Aircrew Academy have created an to help pilots more easily take care of their part 91, part 135, and part 125 online aviation training.

By assisting pilots with not only an interactive online setting but also a curriculum that caters to the individual needs of each of them. At Advanced Aircrew Academy, they understand that a Part 142 center may not have the chance to cover the entire training for RVSM and just how important it is for pilots to stay up to date on the information concerning RVSM and the appropriate training that comes with it, with that in mind they build you a curriculum that fits and individual pilots schedule and needs.

Every pilot isn’t the same and at they offer a wide selection of eLearning modules to accommodate these difference including their full Part 125 online aviation training program. They offer pilots a more diverse method of training by following Flight Standards 8900.1, meaning that they help to not only come up with a base curriculum for a pilot to follow they’ll also help you rotate training recurrent in a way to best suit the training a particular client needs to focus on. The process itself is an interaction that allows pilots to ultimately take control.

The assistance offered from Advanced Aircrew Academy is just that, assistance, meaning that anything that isn’t ideal for the individual pilot can be changed or swapped with what they might have a more urgent need for. The Advanced Aircrew Academy also gives the power back to the pilots by providing the information necessary to more or less tell the FAA how they will be doing their training.

Because they know that every part of safety is just as important as the last so they’ll rotate things like Hazmat, FAIR AIM Review, and CFIT in your current each time and they’ll let you know when they start working on your particular curriculum. Thanks to the previously mentioned Flight Standard 8900.1 operators can stay proficient in all the training they’ll need in approximately 24 month periods that focus on taking the stress out of what is normally overwhelming. Along with such a comprehensive training program, makes it easier for operators to find what they need in order to get what they’ll need to in order to keep their career and knowledge on par with an ever-changing industry.

Pilots are welcomed to join no matter if they are looking for training in Part 91, Part 135, or even Part 125 online aviation training. Or if you need BASC or USAIG training Advanced Aircrew Academy is there for operators in every way possible. When someone gets set up with their training through Advanced Aircrew Academy they will be sure to inform the operator what they need to take to their next higher up and clarify just how they’re going to be handling their recurrent training. Most commonly Flight Standards 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 19, Section 10B2 states: “Title 14 CFR does not require that every subject and topic of training be reviewed during each cycle of training. POIs should encourage operators to construct recurring training outlines with different topics and elements emphasized in each cycle of training, so that when an element is addressed, it may be addressed in depth.” allows recurrent training to be more flexible. Take your career higher with Advanced Aircrew Academy and put the stress away.