Main Accessories For Riding

The accessories for riding are essential items for the practice of this activity that allows you to enter in full harmony with nature. For those who don’t know or have doubts about the items needed to undertake this activity, let’s give some tips.


The crucial item for safety, the equestrian helmet must have an internal reinforcement that avoids impacts in an eventual fall of the horse, as well as protect the rider’s head in contact with tree branches along the way.

When suffering an impact with the helmet, it is important to replace it, even if there is no apparent damage. The helmet may be weakened, not being effective protection in the next situation of need.


The main function of this item is to protect the rider’s spine, avoid serious injuries in the jolts given by the horse or in an eventual fall. The structure of the vest follows the shape of the spine and avoids problems arising from unnatural movements. Vests made of materials such as lycra and neoprene are interesting because they fit the body better.


Stirrups are essential items for riding, this accessory helps the rider/rider to riding the horse. In addition, the item also helps to maintain balance once you are on the horse. The stirrups can be found in different materials such as plastic, leather, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Those who are starting to ride can adapt better to bell-shaped stirrups, which offer more safety and ease of use in everyday life. The ideal is to test to see what kind of stirrup you do best.


An accessory that is perhaps not as well known, but which has great relevance for the safety of the mount. The cage serves to prevent the feet from slipping through the stirrup, so the rider has more stability when riding the horse. Look for parts that are easy to attach to the stirrups and ride with much more peace of mind.

Saddle Cover

The saddle is an indispensable item for the mount and, while not in use, it needs to be properly protected from the elements. A saddle cover is a key item to keep your saddle protected and protected.

The tip is to bet on parts that have protection for the pit and fenders. A very practical cover transforms into a bag, making it easier to carry the saddle from one place to another.


The saddle is a fundamental item that must be chosen carefully and focused on the activity that will be performed. It is important to understand that it is a seat to be used by the rider/rider and, therefore, it must be comfortable for the rider and the horse.

A saddle that is inadequate in shape or size can be extremely uncomfortable and irritate the horse. The ideal is to look for a model that fits your horse and is good for the activities you intend to carry out with the animal.