Here Is Why You Need To Step Ahead From Using Traditional Paints

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Powder coating has been in the industry for around 40 years and is comparatively new to the traditional colour. It is applied similarly to conventional paint, except that it is in powder form. It is heat cured to ensure a durable finish on the metal surface.

The benefits powder coating offers are numerous, which is why several industries are increasing its use. It is durable with suitable properties for the surface. As the industry is growing, it’s time to try and see the results of Industrial Powder Coating in Adelaide for you.

The article discusses various industries that benefit from powder coating and some advantages over traditional paint.

Industries that benefit

Powder coating has many benefits and contains no volatile compounds compared to traditional paints. You will feel the difference between conventional paints and powder coating in their appearance. Powder coating is more uniform, which is hard to find in traditional paints.

Due to its extensive benefits, it is used in many industries. A few of the industries are:

  • Pharma: Experts use comil in the powder coating while applying powder as it adds bulk density and flow. It has resulted in better blends as used in the past.
  • Automative: Powder coating is used in various ways. You will find its usage on wheels, door handles, bumpers etc. Moreover, it also protects the automotive from forming rust or corrosion as it ages.

You will also find its usage in interior and external parts. Many big automotive companies such as BMW or Volvo are using them while others are getting started.

  • Construction: For decades, builders have been experimenting and trying to figure out coating that lasts long and offers benefits. Powder coating is available in various colours and lasts long as it uniformly spreads.

Moreover, it is UV resistant, and you will hardly find any scratches on materials featuring powder coating. The extensive range of benefits makes it an excellent coating material for outdoors.

  • Consumer product industry: You will notice that most things you use around feature powder coating, even the electronic bulbs. Additionally, you can find them in ski poles, golf clubs, furniture etc. You can even see their use in mechanical pencils.
  • Appliances: You can see the use of powder coating even in your kitchen areas, such as refrigerators, stoves or water heaters. In the past few years, it has replaced enamel used in dryers and washers.

What makes it different from traditional paints?

One primary difference powder coating is different from the traditional coating is that powder coating doesn’t require a solvent to keep it filler. You can apply the powder uniformly, and it will not change its appearance. It offers hard finishing on the material used, which traditional paints failed to provide.

Additionally, powder coating has several advantages compared to conventional paint.

  • It creates a thicker coating than traditional paints.
  • While using traditional paints, you will notice the appearance in horizontal or vertical form rather than uniformly. This problem is solved in powder coating. No matter in which direction you use, you will notice uniform coating.
  • You can use powder coating overspray again, making it reusable without wasting the powder.
  • Unlike traditional liquid coatings, powder coating does not emit any volatile organic compounds.
  • A traditional coating produces hazardous waste, whereas a powder coating doesn’t.

Summing up

Powder coatings are available in thousands of colours, some even with effects. They offer various characteristics, and one can use them according to need and application.

We have given a brief idea of why powder coatings are the way forward and a better choice than traditional paints. So get in touch with professionals for Industrial Powder Coating in Adelaide and understand its usage in different areas.

It is a safer option both for your material and the environment.

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