Guidelines to Hire a PHP Developer

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a normal programming language made for web development purpose. It is a server scripting language and an important way to make interactive and amazing websites.

The demand for PHP in 2019

This scripting language is utilized on the server side. As per the TIOBE Index, PHP stood at the 7th position in comparison to the 9th position it stood last year. A lot of custom php application development uses it to develop sites basically for the purpose to include functions which HTML can’t deal with or to work with MySQL databases.

Points to keep in mind when hiring a PHP developer

  1. The developer has a major role in your business website

It is important to acknowledge what cost a right developer adds to your work and why it is so important in your company. If you are making plans to commence an online business, then your PHP developer is the first person who will give your ideas an image. Thus, you should choose a reputed and reliable software development company for this purpose.

  1. The place from where you are hiring

Once you know the levels of skills which may be needed for your project, you should focus on the right source from where you should hire the developers. You may have plethora of options available in front of you. But, make sure you take suitable references from your colleagues or known personnel. You can also go through web portals to check out the companies offering web application development services. A good option would be to hire a custom PHP application development company

  1. Experience and expertise

This is the primary thing to be analyzed before you hire a developer. The level of expertise and experience play a vital role in the perfection of your projects. Depending on the complexity of the task you want them to do, you should hire the programmer. Speaking about technical skills, the programmer should have deep knowledge of PHP, HTML, MySQL and other framework. A dedicated CakePHP developer is quite in demand these days because of the popularity of the framework. It is far beneficial to hire a dedicated cakephp developer to get an expert look for your site.

Model based hiring

You can also choose a software development company depending on the dedicated model or going for a fixed expense one. In the dedicated model, the payment mode for the developer depends on the number of hours he works on your project while for the fixed one, you need to ask for a fixed quote from the company that they will charge for your project.


At present, there are more than 5 million PHP developers across the world because the language has several advantages to offer to everyone. However, there is a tough competition between its professionals. But, if you wish to hire a professional PHP programmer, then you should do thorough research. Look out for a cost-effective development without compromising with the quality. Go ahead and choose now!