Four Tips To Change Your Dog To A Raw Diet

Perhaps, you are one of the many who are thinking of changing your dog to a raw natural diet. You may have already read much of the infinite information on the internet, in forums and specialized magazines. Are you worried about where to start or to miss a fundamental step? Do you find it complicated or confusing?

Whether you are thinking of giving it complete raw dog food Essex, or you want to prepare it at home, it is important to take some aspects into account. Therefore, we want to give you these tips to make your transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Fasting Is An Option To Consider

A good idea when we want to take the step is to remove food from our dog for one or two days so that the intestinal tract is completely emptied while predisposing him to welcome it with desire the new food. If you are concerned about this idea, think that by nature and unlike cats, dogs can go a while without eating.

  1. Give It Light Meat, Easy To Digest

During the first 4-8 weeks, it is interesting to give only light and easy to digest meat such as chicken, salmon or lamb. Although dogs must have variety, it is advisable to limit their diet to a few sources of protein. All of this will give the stomach enough time to adjust before introducing a new type of meat.

  1. Help Him With Some Tricks

At first, it is advisable to avoid bones, even the meatiest ones. A little green casing or a probiotic supplement additionally helps to reestablish the intestinal flora and several small doses distributed throughout the day will help your dog’s digestive system. It may also help to cook food lightly at first for increased acceptance, especially in dogs with very sensitive stomachs.

  1. Be Patient And Be Positive

The changes are by nature stressful; many times, we get tense and doubt. Our dogs can feel these states many times, and you can inadvertently send them a message of caution that ultimately discourages them from eating calmly and at ease. Be calm and optimistic towards change, and you will see how you make it much easier.