Emergency Orthodontic Care – Handling Braces And Aligner Issues. 

Braces and aligners are used to shift teeth back to their position and bring alignment among teeth. However, the process is gradual, and oral health needs to be taken care of during this period. 

With braces, you need to avoid certain food items as they can damage the brackets. Moreover, oral hygiene practices must be maintained in the meantime, as they can significantly impact the longevity of braces and aligners. 

If any issue arises, like aligners disrupted or metal brackets breaking, emergency orthodontic care can provide solutions and effectively treat the problem.

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Let us look at how issues related to braces and aligners can be handled: 

  • Aligners might break, or the patient might lose it

If your aligners break or somehow you lose them, it can impact your treatment. Therefore, it becomes essential that you seek help from your orthodontist by calling them and asking for an immediate solution. Possible solutions that they might provide you with can be using the previous one or using the next set. It depends on the progression of your treatment process. This is why you should have another set of aligners in case an emergency like this arises. 

  • Food particles might get stuck in the braces. 

Braces are made from metal brackets and wires; if you are eating food and it has particles that can get stuck in the brackets, then it might create a problem for you. It is not easy to get them out as the brackets are tightly held. Using dental floss in such cases might help. It would help if you were gentle while getting the particles out from braces, or you might break it. Oral hygiene practices are therefore essential to avoid such mishappenings. 

  • Spacers might become loose and affect the alignment. 

Braces help in alignment, but the key elements that do so are bands and spacers. They are responsible for bringing alignment. If they get loose, it can significantly affect the alignment. In such cases, it is better to book an appointment with your orthodontist as soon as possible. They can repair the spacers or bands and provide prompt solutions to your problems. Moreover, the risks for potential complications are also minimized by seeking treatment on time. 

Consult an experienced professional in Tukwila in an emergency! 

The best way to tackle emergency dental situations is to contact your orthodontist who did the treatment for you in the first place. They can provide temporary solutions until you can visit the clinic in person. Moreover, you can entirely rely on their advice in such situations.