Differences Between A Fan And An Evaporative Cooler

A swamp cooler is also called an evaporative cooler. It is the best solution for both interior and exterior activities because the air is not restricted whether you are outside or choose to stay inside. It does not produce fumes or produces chemicals dangerous or hazardous to your health so you can rest assured that your health is secured while using it. A fan always works with electricity or should I say most fans and can be noisy sometimes and it blows the air available. It means when the weather is so  hot, fans sometimes may not be best solution you need to counter the weather. How do I know this?

Some years ago, when I went to visit my Mum on a sunny afternoon the weather was so hot, it could melt my skin. The moment, I sighted the house, I ran the few remaining steps in relief knowing that inside would be much better. The moment I stepped in, I asked my Mum why she did not switch on the fan and she told me it was on. I was surprised because I was not feeling relieved and the air inside compared to the outside was a little cooler. Then I realized that the fan could only help to a certain extent. It was the air available that the fan was blowing, unlike a swamp cooler that draws in air from outside and converts it to cool air with water added which makes the air seem fresher and cooler. The air gotten through this method have passed through a process called evaporating technique where the hot air taken in but comes out as cool air.

We tried out different methods but it was not convenient. While using a fan does not stop you from going out or leaving the door open, it also requires electricity to run especially big fans. All of this will be adding up to the utility bill at the end of the week or month. A good option would be to prepare beforehand by choosing a Cirro Energy plan that will suit your needs and not increase your electricity bill too much. When you want to feel refreshed, it is best you use a method that is trusted. My mum did not want to use air conditioner in the house because she cannot keep the door locked at all times and she thought a fan would be better. The fan actually worked but when the weather became hotter, the fan was not just enough to handle how hot the temperature became, and looking for the best option was what my Mum was doing even before I went to visit until I told her about the swamp cooler. Now, she feels more relaxed and happy she got it.