Consider These Leadership Topics For Your Next Company Meetup


Being part of a corporate for your company can be exciting. You get a new job title and you have a whole bunch of new responsibilities. But oftentimes, what comes along with being in the corporate office is a bad reputation. Corporate offices of large companies often get the reputation of being disconnected from the staff. They get the bad reputation of making a bunch of money while staff just get by. However, by opening the door to input and advice from staff, you can help merge the gap between corporate offices and outlying offices.


When discussing things at the first large all company meeting consider any changes that have occurred. Ask your staff what changes have been made in the last year. What changes need to be made? Are there any changes that the corporate leaders need to make? All of these questions about change can help open the door for discussion. That way, the staff feel heard. There is always a change happening around us. From the changing world to the changing laws. So it is important that we keep up with this change and discuss it at leadership meetings.

What is the Goal

It is important at large leadership meetings to discuss what the overhanging and long term goals are. Make sure that everyone is on the same page. This can help the entire company move faster because everyone has the same goal in mind. Consider that maybe the end goal is unattainable or too low. Consider that the end goal may need to be changed in order to have a more successful company.

What Mistakes Have We Made

Although we don’t like to think about our shortcomings, it is so important that we do. Discussing any mistakes that need to be righted can be super helpful in reaching the end goal. It is important to discuss this with the staff because you can’t right any problems that you don’t know about. No matter how great a company is, there are always changes that can be made to improve a company.

What Have We Done Well

It is also important to talk about what the company is doing well. This helps people feel like they aren’t just always getting yelled at. Along with that, it helps keep the company morale up. It is also sometimes fun to give out awards and give kudos where it is needed.

What Personality Types Do We Have

It takes all types of people to keep a company moving forward. So it is important to discuss everyone’s personality types. How do all these different personalities come together to keep the company moving forward.

How Do All These Factors Come Together

To conclude the meeting it is important to consider how all of these factors come together. The changes, the goals and the good and bad all have to come together to help create an overall win for the company. How do you factor in everyone’s personalities? How do you get everyone moving in the right direction toward the goal?

Having a Business Keynote Speaker can help legitimize your leadership meeting. It is similar to how your husband will listen to his doctor, even though you have been telling him the exact same thing for months.


In the end, your next leadership meeting needs to include all of these things. It can help bring together the staff and corporate offices. Along with that, it can help organize the company and get everyone headed in the right direction. Companies need to find a way to bridge the gap between staff and corporate offices. Discussing these things can help do that at your next leadership meeting. Be willing to listen and willing to change. The addition of a Business Keynote Speaker is always helpful as well.