Benefits OfA2 Level English In UK Visa Application

If you are someone new to the country, chances are you have already given an exam to prove your proficiency in English language. There are certain levels you have to clear depending on the visa you have applied for. You will have to pay the a2 english test fee and clear the exam if you want to appeal for a visa extension.

You can find any visa agency to help you pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) in at least CEFR level A2 in Speaking and Listening if you are looking for the Further Leave to Remain visa. You are needed to take the test if you have already completed two and a half years after passing an A1 test. If you are living in the country with your spouse who is a resident of UK you will have to apply for a spouse visa. The spouse visa is only applicable for two and a half year after which you will have to get it extended if you wish to continue your stay in the country.

The requirements in the further leave to remain are mostly same as the initial spouse visa requirements. At first you will have to prove your marital status and then financial status. You will also have to satisfy the accommodation status by showing mortgage papers or house deeds. Once this basic paperworkis lined up you will need to provide your English language credibility. The authorities require you to clear the basic requirements for a person living in the country. You need not be highly eloquent in English, basic communication abilities are sufficient to clear the tests.

Why you need to clear A2 level in English

After spending two and a halfyears in the UK, you will have to pass the speaking and listening test at level A2. You will have to clear the test if you are non-EEA national partners. It is also mandatory for parents on the family route. This will get you further leave to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement.

What it means to get A2 level English

With an A2 level of English you will have enough communication skills to socialize with native English speakers. It is also sufficient for tourism in an English speaking country. However, A2 level English is not enough for perusing academic studies in English or for consuming the traditional English-language media options like TV, Radio or magazines.

There are various authorised agencies where you can pay the a2 english test fee and take the test. Usually you will be given a centre that is closest to you and you can book a date that works for your schedule. You can check some of the course materials available online to prepare for the exam. You can also contact the agency to give you study materials. By going through these, you will gain enough confidence to clear the test. The official certificate will be sent to you in a week.