7 Places On Bintan Island That You Must Visit

Indonesia has many islands that can be visited for holidays, and one of them is Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago. Bintan Island is the largest island in Riau, in which there are two cities, namely Tanjung Pinang and Bintan. For those of you who will visit, here are seven recommended places on Bintan Island.

  • Lagoi Beach

Lagoi Beach is famous for its miniature Singapore. Because in the past, to visit Lagoi Beach you had to pay in SGD currency. The attraction of this beach is that the granite stones are still decorating the beaches in the tourist area of ​​Bintan Island. Lagoi Beach is very similar to the beaches on the island of Bali in terms of facilities. Such as discotheques, spas, golf courses, and resorts. Lagoi Beach is directly opposite Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Crystal Lagoon

Crystal lagoon is the largest seawater pool in Southeast Asia which covers at least 6.3 hectares and has spectacular views. It would be much more beautiful when viewed from the air. A total of 115,060,000 liters of water are needed to fill the swimming pool that was built on the beach. The water used also comes from seawater that has gone through a distillation process so the color is very clear. At Crystal lagoon, you not only can swim in the pool, but also play water sports such as Boat Ride, Kayak, fly board, and others. No more boring words there.

  • Lagoi

Lagoi is an integrated and exclusive tourist area on Bintan Island. Bintan Island itself has many beaches and resorts with an International standard, located about 60 minutes from Tanjungpinang city. This is a paradise very well-known by Foreigners. So do not be surprised if you find many foreign tourists come here, especially tourists from neighboring countries. 

  • Penyengat Island

If you visit Bintan Island, it’s not complete if you don’t visit Penyengat Island. The island, which is located not far from the city of Tanjung Pinang, can be reached in just 15 minutes across the sea using a pompong (motorized boat). This island has become one of the historical witnesses of the struggle of the Riau Sultanate Kingdom in the 18th century. So there are also stories about several historical figures with big names who were very influential in Indonesia. On Penyengat Island stands a Sultan Riau Grand Mosque majestically, with the mosque’s construction taking up to 40 years. This is a mosque with a uniqueness that does not exist elsewhere. The walls of the mosque are made with egg white adhesive. The yellow and green mosque building can be seen from afar when the boat approaches the island.

  • Senggarang Island

Senggarang Island is almost the same as Penyengat Island. The difference is that Penyengat Island is full of Muslim culture while Senggarang Island is a settlement of Chinese descent. Senggarang Island is opposite Tanjungpinang and is perfect for those of you who want to find peace or want to get away from city life. However, most of the time the majority of those who stop by Senggarang Island are tourists from Singapore who come to worship on this Senggarang Island. Around Senggarang Island there are various historical relics of the Chinese community. The historical relics include temples, statues of gods on Senggarang Island. Some famous historical relics are Sung Te kong Temple, Marco Temple, Tay Ti Kong Temple, Banyan Temple, and Anio Temple.

  • White Sands Island

A short crossing from Bintan Island is White Sand Island, about 15-20 minutes by speedboat from Teluk Bakau Village. On this island, tourists can go snorkeling, diving, or just relaxing on the beach. The beauty of the under the sea scenery will surprise you.

  • Mangrove Forest

Walking along the green river and winding between the mangrove views on the right and left will make you feel calm. The sound of water adds a new rhythm to the subconscious. Aside from the mangroves, there are also some animals such as monkeys, birds, and snakes you will see occasionally emerge from the mangrove leaves. This boat is ready to take you down the river while hunting for new photo collections of nature.

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