5 things you need to know BEFORE you have a French bulldog

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They are dogs but have very human expressions! They have the face of brave but tend to have a heart of butter. They have strong and powerful little bodies but they don’t have much body conscience and they are always tripping over themselves. They are cute but they are not democratic dogs and we need to say 5 things you need to know before you have a French bulldog.

They are expensive: Why?

It is not easy to find a Frenchie dog able to breed. Male dogs should not do natural breeding. The entire reproductive process takes place by artificial insemination. Uterine atony is a common disease in the breed. That is why deliveries need to be cesarean. It is a breed with a significant mortality rate in the immediate postnatal period. The first weeks of life require day care.

Socializing a French bulldog with other dogs –

French bulldogs are intrepid and fearless curious dogs that make weird noises. However, this behavior in a Frenchie most of the time causes strangeness and negative reactions from other dogs. It is VERY common to find dogs that are reactive to French Bulldogs. In response to these aggressions from other dogs many French bulldogs become aggressive towards other dogs.

They cannot tolerate an inadequate routine –

A French bulldog with an impoverished routine of physical and mental stimuli is a serious candidate for developing behavioral problems. The French bulldog dog is powerful, has a compact muscular structure and very strong bones. A bulldog of this breed can live between 11 and 15 years, weighing between 8 and 14 kilos.

They can (literally) die of heat –

French Bulldogs have a hard time controlling their internal temperature. So on very hot days don’t go out with him on the street, keep the air conditioning on and pay attention to your breathing pattern. Is he too breathless? Wet it with cold water until your breathing returns to normal. His little body usually has a strong structure and his face a few folds, items that require greater care from the owner to not let him get fat and perform frequent cleaning of the folds.

They have spinal problems –

Intervertebral disc diseases are very common in the breed. Treatment can be conservative (acupuncture, ozone therapy, laser therapy, etc.) or surgical. So we suggest: do not encourage your Frenchie to jump. Keep him with the fit body and practice low-impact physical activity daily to strengthen your dog’s muscles.

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