Different types of Polish Furniture

Every furniture material has its beauty, look, and class but wooden furniture are timeless classics because they are sturdy, solid, beautiful, and long-lasting. But like another thing, furniture also needs to maintain and care for. Furniture polishing is the perfect option to upgrade and maintain your furniture. Wood furniture usually loses its shine but carefully handling furniture increases its life of furniture and also maintains its shine.

Furniture polishing is one of the simplest and easiest ways of restoring its natural beauty and highlighting its grains. While some people may believe that polishing furniture is a tedious and tough task and requires expert hands, this is not true.

Choosing the Right Furniture Polish       

Selection of the right furniture polishing that suits your furniture is the first and foremost important step of furniture polishing. Furniture polish stays on the surface of furniture and provides a thick layer to the surface also it protects the wood and penetrates the surface of the wood and is absorbed by the fibers of the wood.

Water-based furniture polish

Water-based furniture polish provides a clear coat and it does not fade with time. It easily spends on furniture and covers all corners of furniture. Water-based furniture polish is also easy to apply.

Lacquer furniture polish

One of the best types of wood furniture polish is lacquer wood polish which offers a royal, rich, luxurious, and glossy finish. It is easy to use, it can be sprayed on the surface of the furniture and dries up fast. However, the finish is sensitive to heat and may emit fumes, making it a bad option in a household with babies and young children.

Varnish wood polish

Varnish wood polishing is quite durable, and it can be applied to both stained and bare wooden surfaces. It is available in many ranges of sheen and it should be applied to wet surfaces.

Shellac wood polish

Shellac wood furniture polish is a sealer and stain remover and it provides a hard finish. It comes in many colors, and it helps to make it perfect for redesigning old furniture pieces.

Polyurethane or PU wood polish

PU furniture polishing is one the most durable and sturdy finish polishing and it is considered ideal for almost all kinds of furniture. PU wood polish resists moisture and water and it cannot stand ultraviolet sun rays and turns yellow with prolonged exposure.

Oil-based wood polish

Oil-based wood furniture polish gives a luxurious and rich feel and it can easily be incorporated into the teak polishing method. Furthermore, it easily covers up small cuts and scratches on the surface of furniture.

Wax-based wood polish

Wax-based furniture polishing is available in paste and also in liquid. It is usually obtained from animal sources and natural plants, and this is as natural as possible. Before application, the wax-based polish may have to be dissolved in oil.