SEC Focus on Communication Compliance

Various businesses have frequently utilized instant messaging applications to communicate with their customers. Since many clients prefer using apps like WeChat and Telegram over other business methods, many bankers and dealers in the financial services sector find them convenient communication channels.

However, these communication platforms lack end-to-end encryption that can safeguard an individual’s privacy because it is censored and monitored. For this reason, it is subject to monitoring like WeChat compliance, which works the same way other messaging platforms follow.

WeChat already has several privacy difficulties, such as the following:

  • Possibility of infecting personal devices through a malware
  • Monitoring of business conversations
  • Lack of end-to-end encryption

Because of this, many people are worried about the privacy of their data. Businesses with BYOD policies may discover that their employees’ data and business communications data are being stolen.

Focusing on Communication Compliance

Regulatory organizations like the SEC and FINRA have been prompted to revise current communication compliance rules and propose new rules covering hybrid working models’ requirements by the rapid proliferation of digital communication technology in regulated enterprises. Regulators anticipated that the registered businesses would go further in their efforts to comply by utilizing more advanced digital communication technology.

Businesses need reliable archiving solutions that can double as secure enterprise messaging solutions to communicate with their customers without worrying too much about data leaks. Due to its lack of end-to-end encryption and other privacy concerns, using the standard WeChat or Telegram compliance archiver may still result in many important dangers, compliance, and regulatory difficulties.

The TeleMessage Archiver

To ensure compliance with various data security standards, TeleMessage archiver records and keeps track of mobile material from business or BYOD mobile phones, such as SMS messages, voice calls, and WeChat conversations. The communications are safely and dependably stored on TeleMessage servers or sent to the vendor of your choice for archiving data storage.

This application has the right set of tools that answers SEC and FINRA requirements for better compliance regulation in the workplace.